The last you will hear from me

You may find it strange that my very first post on this blog would be titled, “The last you will hear from me.” This is because this blog is dedicated to all of the amazing stories that you all have.

When I began writing, it was on a blog that I needed to start because of a sponsorship I had received. It is a blog that is dedicated to the sport of running, where I write insights and race reports.

I had difficult time starting the blog because it made me feel so exposed. I never wanted my posts to be about me, so I would write things about running … tips and things like that.

While I still maintain the blog with running tips/ideas and race reports, in starting it I quickly realized that I loved to write. This was something that I always knew about myself, but never really knew how to become a “real” writer.

In January of 2012, I wrote the editor of a small newspaper (The Spectrum out of Southern Utah), with the subject line: “I am a mother who loves to run and write.”

It must have caught his attention because he offered me the opportunity to write a bi-weekly column I call, “The Run Down.” Toward the end of that year, another editor for his paper asked if I could write a mothering column.

I was excited about this, but hesitant that I would come off as someone who knew what I was talking about, which I don’t. I am just a mom who quite frankly, knows very little. I took the opportunity and called my column, “(Tattle) Tales of a Busy Mom,” and began writing about my life as a mother. I do my best not to sound like an expert, and just keep it real.

I still write these columns as well as a family fitness column for Deseret News, and love every minute of it.

If you are interested, you can find these columns by going to my Facebook Page … only if you are interested ;).

Late 2012, I began submitting stories do, which is where and Deseret News get all of their content. To my surprise, my stories were published!

As opposed to a local paper, has hundreds of thousands of viewers, which is awesome. BUT, with that large of a readership, you have a lot of critics.

That I didn’t like, and not because I didn’t feel like their criticisms were valid; it was because here I was, a little mom writing about her world, which didn’t exactly represent their world. After a while the criticisms started to get to me, and I wondered if this was what I was really supposed to do.

However, every once in a while, I would be given an opportunity to write about somebody else and have a peak into their world. I loved doing these stories. I loved being able to step out of the first person and write about somebody else.

I was able to give these people a voice that they wouldn’t have otherwise. This revived my love for writing.

And finally, a few weeks ago, I was offered the wonderful opportunity to be over content for the new, “LDS Life” section on This will be a great place to share great stories of faith, feature people and ideas as well as happenings in the LDS Church and community.

Not only will I be able to share some great stories, but it will allow me the chance to find other writers and give them a voice as well.

So, there you have it: The last post from me.

Now, for your stories …


4 thoughts on “The last you will hear from me

  1. I love your writing and although I’m nowhere near the amazing writer you are. I do like to share my words. I would love to share some stories. I realize I’m not the most spiritual writer in regards to be so mum with some of my choice of words but that’s easy to fix. Btw I miss seeing the Brown Family at Soccer events. Hope to see you all Soon. Hayley

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